25-review - Origin of Species Taxonomists/systematists work...

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Origin of Species Taxonomists/systematists work with the identification, nomenclature, and classification of species. Species Concepts Practical : the unit is considered a species by a competent taxonomist Morphological : similar morphologies Problems: convergent evolution, mimicry, sibling species, philosophical (how much similarity Genetic : genetically similar at all loci Biological : can actually or potentially interbreed in natural populations and are reproductively isolated from other such groups (long-lived organisms) They simply do the best they can with what they have, using a combination of all these concepts. The book gives a few more species concepts. .. Phylogenetic : similar physical characteristics, such as morphological or molecular similarities Evolutionary Ecological : based on the concept of ecological niches. Reproductive isolation occurs because nature "controls" how species use resources Overall problems with species concepts. [Species are a human construct. There is no clear division in nature.] For example, a group of sweet gum trees was found in a cloud forest (on a mountain) in Mexico, greatly separated from the general sweet gum population. Turns out, during a previous cold spell, sweet gums covered the southern U.S., and since these were on a mountain,
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25-review - Origin of Species Taxonomists/systematists work...

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