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1. What style of government do we have? What are three strong points and three weak points in this type of government? In the novel Contact do you see any examples of the traits above? We're a democratic republic (republic with some examples of direct democracy (referenda, etc.)) Strong points: since we're not a direct democracy, things get done faster and we don't have to get everyone together to vote. Free market economy. Weak points: representatives are not always representative of the people. Chance of corruption since fewer people have the power. If the people are wrong, the country is wrong. 2. Does the US government have the right or obligation to keep information secret? When does that right come into conflict with society? In the novel does the
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Unformatted text preview: government try to keep secrets? What are they? 3. In the novel, the governments of the world fight it out for who gets to produce which piece of the Machine. Why do they do this? Is this in the best interest of the world or their country? It may be in the best interest of the country because the countries will gain new technologies. 4. When it comes time to select people to go into the Machine which countries are selected and why? Is this in the best interest of the countries or the world? US, USSR, China, India 5. Can you think of any current events in the US or world where similar issues of division of resources or people/representation has come into the national light?...
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