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“How to Get an A the Second Time Around” by Starla Laxton Brainstorm -Reading --skim all relevant material from class -Writing --write down everything. -Outline -Mind-mapping Ordering -Make a list --Topic of each “body” paragraph -Put back in an order that makes sense -Rearrange your paper according to the list RE-READ the paper. -Pay attention to the ORDER of each idea. -Do they compliment each other in that order? -Repeat if necessary. Thesis: -no surprises: tell the reader exactly what to expect -List each paragraph topic
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Unformatted text preview: -Summarize each topic in one or two words.-Form list into one or two sentences.-Make sentences sound smart.-Voila! Introduction-Background information: firsthand knowledge, references not generally necessary, “Layman's terms”-”Sell” the paper.-Don't necessarily write this first. Conclusion-Make a list of topic sentences – re-state each sentence.-Draw any necessary conclusions.-Re-state thesis (last sentence(s)) Re-read/proofread-Ask someone else to read your paper...
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