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2 READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY 1) Make sure that you are sitting at your assigned seat. 2) Place your ID at the right corner of your desk. 3) RECORD YOUR NAME AND STUDENT ID# ON THE EXAMINATION FORM. 4) ANSWERS SHOULD BE IN PEN NOT IN PENCIL. DO NOT USE THE REVERSE SIDE OF THE PAGE FOR YOUR ANSWERS, AS ONLY ONE SIDE WILL BE SCANNED AND GRADED. 5) When you leave the room after finishing the exam, show your student ID and examination booklet to a TA. 6) For short answer questions, use provided space only. 7) If you have a question, raise your hand, and remain seated unless otherwise directed. 8) During the last 5 minutes of the exam, you must remain seated until all examination booklets are collected. 9) Acts of dishonesty during this examination may result in a score of 0 on the exam and possible inclusion of a permanent letter into your university file. 10) Regrading will be done only upon written request explaining the specific reason. In these cases the entire exam may also be re-evaluated. Copyright © 2008 Drs. Kavita Arora AND Ken Cho, All rights reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages are copyrighted by Drs. K. Arora and K. W. Cho. All rights reserved. No part of these pages, either text or image may be used for any purpose other than personal use. Therefore, reproduction, modification, storage in a retrieval system or retransmission, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, for reasons other than personal use, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.
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SCORE SHEET: Section B – version A THIS PAGE IS FOR USE BY INSTRUCTORS AND TAS ONLY Page 4: _________ Out of 10 Page 5: _________ Out of 9 Page 6: _________ Out of 6 TOTAL Out of 25
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