February 21

February 21 - History 200 (2/21/07) Lecture 3 after Exam #1

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History 200 (2/21/07) Lecture 3 after Exam #1 Diplomacy/Stabilization of FP (exam question**) 1789; constitution, very important Convention of 1818 we stabilize ourselves with England and Spain Spain is a declining rural power (in Florida; Spain could not (1) stop raiding seminal Indians from coming up out of Spanish territory and losing themselves there and (2) Spanish Florida provides a haven for runaway slaves) 1818 Jackson chased people back into Florida; deposed the Spanish governor, raised the American flag and runs into two rather unfortunate citizens who were there and hangs them John Quincy Adams had been negotiating to buy Florida and they reach an agreement in 1819 and the treaty has two main provisions: (1) provides for the transfer of all of the Floridas to the United States as an obligation for paying 5 million dollars and (2) establishes a western boundary to the Louisiana Purchase territory Settled difficulties with France (Louisiana Purchase), England (very important; be friends w/ the country that has the most powerful navy in the world) and Spain (Adams, Oneice) Monroe Doctrine (1840): guiding force in American FP; James Monroe delivered this message to congress with 5 points which overlap (how we are feeling about ourselves (liberty
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February 21 - History 200 (2/21/07) Lecture 3 after Exam #1

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