ikel - goals of research wanted to synthesize IKel that is...

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Synthesis of a Novel NHC and Analysis of its Selectivity in Ni-Catalyzed Rearrangements of Cyclopropylen-ynes Kelly Wiggins Background on NHCs and Ni-Catalyzed rearrangements carbenes are neutral, divalent carbons (carbon bonded to 2 other molecules with 1 nonbonded pair) NHC n-heterocyclic carbene useful in catalytic rxns involving transition metals bind to trans. metals and stabilize/activate the metal center I t Bu and IPr are commonly used NHCs can fight cancer w/ it give important carbocyclic motifs that are often found in biological systems
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Unformatted text preview: goals of research wanted to synthesize IKel that is a combination of the 2 aforementioned NHCs method based on heterocyclic inter-conversion strategy oxazolinium salts are more reactive than imidazoles synthesis of novel NHC ni-catalyzed rearrangements conclusions successful synthesis IKel gives cyclization products that are in rearrangements between the ratios of the other 2 medicinal applications...
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