Nieh Hsiao

Nieh Hsiao - Nieh Hsiao-ch'ien-ghost bride Nieh stayed at a...

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Nieh Hsiao-ch’ien—ghost bride Nieh stayed at a deserted Buddhist temple. Ning Ts’ai-ch’en (guy) lived in a desert area Yen Ch’ih-hsia is a knight errant with a magical sword (turns from needle to sword to kill ghost and demons) Kindness, gratitude, suspense story Nieh went to seduce Ning in the middle of the night. Ning rejected her. He was a noble man (Confucius values). Some gold appeared at his room (mysteriously?!) and he threw them out the window as he drove her away. He resisted two She explained why she did this: the demon was in control of temple that she stayed in. and the demon controlled her. Yet, Nieh didn’t want to be under the demon’s control. She didn’t want to be held responsible for the young men’s deaths. Knowing that he was a good man (he resisted temptations), Nieh approached Ning to ask him to help her. She wanted him to relocate her grave so that the demon won’t be in control of her anymore. He lifted her coffin and took it back to his own home to rebury her. He made offerings and the demon left her body. She came out and thanked him. They both fell in love. Yet can Nieh completely cross over to the human world? Also, Ning already had a wife. Ning brought Nieh back to his family and his mother liked her like her own daughter. Yet she had a major concern: would the presence of a ghost affect the family? And Ning’s wife’s health? Solution: Nieh would go back to her grave at night, and return again when the sun comes out. Eventually, Ning’s wife died and they were free to marry. Ning’s mom’s concern: would ghost bride be able to have children? Nieh knew that she could bear children. Ning’s mom was assured and she approved of her. They got married. Nieh had to get used to human food again. She did it gradually, starting off with rice porridge (easy on stomach) eventually lived a full-fledged human life [good relationship between mom and daughter in law] Trust, favor, gratitude One problem that didn’t seem to bother author: Ning had a concubine after the ghost wife, whom he had a child with. *** The Almost Fortunate Men (people who almost achieved Daoism) Scholar Ts’ui [missed opportunity] He was a man who loved flowers and appreciated beauty. He was attracted to a beautiful woman and made her his wife. Problem: Tsui’s mother—she had suspicions about her beautiful daughter in law. She thought that she was a fox spirit—
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Nieh Hsiao - Nieh Hsiao-ch'ien-ghost bride Nieh stayed at a...

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