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Journal #2 - Source Financial Times Online(http/www.ftp.com...

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Source: Financial Times Online ( http://www.ftp.com ) Date Published: 4/7/08 Word Count: 427 AMD Warns as it seeks to cut workforce AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, issued a sales warning and said it plans to cut their workforce by 10 percent. After 5 consecutive quarterly loss postings, AMD posted another big loss in the 1 st quarter of 2008. They expected to post a loss, but the loss was much larger than they had expected. Advanced Micro Devices currently employs approximately 16,500 employees, so that means that approximately 1,650 jobs will be cut by the end of the 3 rd quarter of 2008. The job cuts are another precaution being taken by AMD to continue operating at a loss. They are still optimistic about increasing sales and taking a turn towards profitable figures in the 2 nd half of 2008. AMD has been able to sustain as a profitable company by offering a comparable and/or better product than their rivals at a lower price. Now that Intel has been able to lower their prices to compete with AMD, this is no longer an attractive incentive to consumers.
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