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Unformatted text preview: Community CPL systems are among the most versatile loudspeakers made. The range of products makes the choices easy for your installation, whether it be a 25 seat presentation room, an auditorium seating hundreds, a house of worship with aesthetic and acoustic concerns, or a high output system with subs for a music club. Each product provides a flexible set of performance options. You can choose single amplifier or biamplified operation. You can adjust the "voicing" of the high frequencies 3 ways. You can choose bracket or suspended installation with the built-in, engineered mounting points. You can rotate the horns of the CPL42 and CPL46 for horizontal mounting. You can install a custom grille cloth. These options are available for CPL systems right out of the box. You choose the finish. All CPL systems are available with a finished black or white painted exterior. For applications requiring custom colors the larger CPL systems can be ordered with an unfinished ready-to-paint enclosure.The ultra-compact CPL23 and CPL27 are magnetically shielded and are available with 70V capability built-in. The CPL42 and CPL43 can be ordered with either a 90 x 40 or 60 x 40 HF horn. CPL - Engineered for high performance - whatever the installation High power, compression HF and Ferrofluid-cooled LFs in optimally ported trapezoidal enclosures CPL23 and CPL27 are magnetically shielded for trouble-free installations Choose 90x 40 or 60x 40 coverage Jumper-selectable passive or biamplified operating modes No electronic crossover required for biamplifying or adding a subwoofer HF level switch with 3 positions for different acoustical environments Built-in PowerSenseTM DDP protection Barrier strip input connector for ease of installation CPL46 UNFINISHED MODEL STAINED FOR INSTALLATION But, there are a few things you can't choose. CPLs are CPL43 IN BLACK, UNFINISHED supplied only with screw terminal strip inputs for secure, AND WHITE reliable connections. All models have built-in, pre-set PowerSenseTM DDP (Dynamic Driver Protection) to absorb excess power. You can't get handles or big splashy logos to upset project aesthetics. You can only have well-braced 13-ply Baltic birch enclosures (CPL23 & CPL27 are MDF) and simple, elegant styling. And CPL systems are supplied only with the superb performance you expect from Community. This means exceptional vocal clarity, high output, smooth natural response, and controlled coverage. For ease of installation, an optional eyebolt kit is available for suspending. You can also add optional external 60W or 400W line transformers to the larger systems for higher powered distributed systems. The companion XLT41E and XLT48E monitor systems are perfect complements to the CPL products. They have the same range of features except for the mounting provisions. Both are available with 90 x 40 or 60 x 40 HF horns, have built-in passive / biamp switching, HF level control, and the same finish options. Normally used as portable speakers, they are outfitted with Neutrik and 1/4" input connectors, steel handles, and rubber feet. CPL - Ready to install Compact, sturdy, 13-ply Baltic birch construction; CPL23 & CPL27 are tough MDF All models are available in painted black or white; most models available in unfinished wood White and unfinished cabinets have matching cloth-covered grilles already in place Unfinished versions are ready for custom color painting or staining Stylish, acoustically-transparent perforated steel grille protects all drivers All-black baffle boards reduce visibility of driver components CPL23 AND CPL27 IN BLACK AND WHITE CPL IS EASY TO INSTALL CPL - Ready to hang Six built-in 3/8-16 rigging points for permanent mounting Rigging points rated for 150 lb (vertical) Working Load Limit Optional accessory with 4 load-rated eyebolts for rigging points CPL42, and CPL43 also have threaded inserts for an OmnimountTM or similar mounting bracket XLT41E AND XLT48E MONITOR SYSTEMS Front Page L to R: CPL42, CPL46, CPL27, CPL51, CPL43 (top), CPL55, CPL23, XLT48E, XLT41E. CPL23 and CPL27 have 1/4-20 threaded inserts to use for rigging, a mounting bracket, a stand mount, or the included yoke bracket 1 - Magnetically shielded for AV use. 2 - Ferrofluid-cooled voice coil. 3 - Horns rotatable for horizontal mounting or narrow horizontal & wide vertical coverage. 4 - Neutrik compatible connector not on 70V models. 5 - Replacable cloth over 16 gauge perforated steel grille. 6 - All dimensions for XLT41E and XLT48E in normal operating position as floor monitors. ...
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