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eng-243 notes - ENG-241 Notes The examined life is not...

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ENG-241 Notes 1/28/08 The examined life is not worth living- Socrates FEVER PITCH 1/30 Nick Hornby, observing and quick. - Main Characters: Nick hornby and Football Poetry is a memorable speech. Ezra Pal – literature is news that stays news. Panem et Circenser- latin. Bread and circuses. A belief that people wanted entertainment to keep busy til death. Modern sports are a distraction. Used in Juvenile. Satire Ten. Relegation and Promotion… arsenal man utd. Chelsea. Premier League, First Division… Pg. 60 Unimaginable Limbo Pgs. 1-100 Takes place from 1968-75 “It’s in there all the time, looking for a way out.” Holy Trinity: George Best Bobby Charlton and Denis Law ’68..falls in love with football (Arsenal)--parents divorce. Maleness..Derby County “A spare Jimmy Husband in your pocket.” “So yes, of course I feel nostalgic, even if I am longing for a time which never really belonged to us: like I said, some things were better, some were worse, and the only way one can ever learn to understand one’s own youth is by accepting both halves of the proposition. ’69 summer attends Scout Camp in Wales 10 days.. misses opening of his first full season. Parents legally divorce. Father comes. They listen to game results. 1-0 loss. Boring, Boring Arsenal. All those nil-nil draws against Newcastle. All those freezing Saturday afternoons. “Marriages are nowhere near as rigid.” Just like a Woman . Girlfriend of four years faints and he lets her get taken away by an ambulance and stays to watch the game (just finished reading The Female Eunuch )..Becomes the Lost Girl (connected with Liam Brady) Liam Brady .. like Charlie George he was a product of the youth team. Narrator obsessed with the fear of his transferring..the first passer in a long time..
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“As I progressed through the academic strata, and more and more people seemed to make a distinction between football on the one hand and the life of the mind on the other, Brady seemed to provide a bridge between the two.” 2/4 LOGIC, GRAMMAR, RHETORIC (tribium) Logic- taught you how to make arguments Grammar- taught you how to write things that made sense Rhetoric- the art of persuasion Cicero’s nephew Heredius wrote ad hernium in which his uncle cicero’s great writings were. ..book spells out ways to write oration for persuasion Cicero told herdius to break down writing task into 3 chunk 3 Main elements of Rhetoric - Inventio- build a bridge or not… - Dispositio- arrange all the possible things you could say - elecutio- ready to write! -- inquire figures of speech…anaphora is an example Res Studiorum – things of study, you learned these things by reading Ingradatia- incremental repetition 4 soccer tragedies IBROX 71.. stadium in Glasgow 66 ppl die BRADFORD 85..stadium catches fire after cig falls under..56 ppl die HEYSEL 85- name of stadium in Brussels where tragedy occurred. .. one stand set for liverpool supporters..it collapses..59 ppl died HILLSBOROUGH 89. 96 ppl died before the game even started Terraces=steps..stadiums had to switch seats 2/6 Frued “forgetting is not solving” ---related to “another woman”..calls it unimaginable
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