Theories of Atonement

Theories of Atonement - anything beneficial for mankind....

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For example, I did not really agree with the Anselmian theory of atonement, but it was the only theory that I was presented with as a member of the Church. As I have become a member of the academy, I have come to see that the more intelligible theory of atonement is the moral influence theory. The moral influence theory makes more sense because of Jesus’ focus on His life and teachings instead of His death like the Anselmian theory. Although Jesus seems to put great emphasis on His resurrection, the Christus Victor theory seems unintelligible and the context that it was formed in played too much of a role in its development. The moral influence theory, however, seems to be the most intelligible and the most faithful to Scripture. The Bible never explicitly states that Jesus died for our sins. The Bible consistently says that Jesus was sent to earth to absolve our sins. I don’t believe that the evil within us that was displayed in crucifying our Messiah brought
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Unformatted text preview: anything beneficial for mankind. The Christus Victor theory is unintelligible because it gives the devil far too much power. The moral influence theory is very intelligible trough the framework of liberation theology. The moral influence theory focuses on Jesus’ saving work on earth and not the end. It focuses, like liberation theology on bringing the Kingdom of God to earth now and not just waiting for the end of the world. It implies that we are responsible for the problems we have made on earth. God showed us in His life on earth through the Messiah how we were meant to live and how we can reconcile ourselves with God and with His creation. This is faithful to my belief of the political implications of the Bible because it focuses on Jesus when He teaches how to live and create a better world here on earth....
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Theories of Atonement - anything beneficial for mankind....

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