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Unformatted text preview:Typical front wheel suspension for an automobile using- a coil spring is shown in the figure. If the wheel reaction on the ground is 800 lb determine the compression of the springThe spring has a stiffness of k = 3.5 kip/ ft and is attached to the frame of the automobile at B. Assume the upper and lower control arms AC and DE are pin connected to the frame at A, C, D and E. Find the horizontal and vertical components of reaction at these pins. ' - A gate'for limiting the depth of water in a small'reservoir consists of a flat plate which seals a rectangular opening 6 ft. high and 4 ft. wide. The plate and attached frame have negligible weight and are hinged at C and coun- ' the counterweigh'o W which will limit the The pivot bearing is subjected to a parabolic pressure distribution at its surface of contact. If the coefficient of static friction is [1.5, determine the torque M required to overcome friction and turn the shaft if it supports an axial force P. Md;-