MSR100-1 - POWERED SPEAKER MSR100 Compact in size but big...

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MSR100 POWERED SPEAKER Compact in size but big in sound and versatile features, the MSR100 packs a powerful sonic punch — making it ideal for a wide range of applications and almost anywhere in your stage setup.
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All-around performer The MSR100 fills many sound reinforce- ment and stage monitor needs in one inex- pensive, lightweight package. As a mixer, power amplifier, and speaker system com- bined in a single, compact unit, it's perfect for small events and club gigs. Mix in a CD play- er, rhythm machine and/or keyboard with your voice — all without the need of a sepa- rate mixer or power amplifier. And since it's made by Yamaha, the MSR100 provides the high-quality performance you need with exceptional ease-of-use and reliability. High power, great sound The 100-watt power amplifier built into the MSR100 delivers plenty of output, ensuring that you'll be heard with full dynamic range and clarity. This specially designed amplifi- er has been optimized for use with the speaker section of the MSR100 to give you the absolute clearest and cleanest sound possible. An 8” custom woofer handles the low end,
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MSR100-1 - POWERED SPEAKER MSR100 Compact in size but big...

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