Practice Exam 3 - Practice Exam 3 1 Which of the following...

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Practice Exam 3 1. Which of the following situations would most likely occur in anterograde amnesia? a. Forgetting who you are b. Forgetting your parents c. Discovering that you have the physical capabilities of a master ninja and a certificate of enrollment at ninja school dated after the last thing you remember. d. Discovering that you have a hook hand, peg leg, and a certificate of installation dated before your earliest memory. e. Forgetting everything on test day 2. An infradian cycle is ________. a. Shorter than a circadian cycle b. Longer than a circadian cycle c. Not affected by zeitgebers d. A cycle that exists in the absence of external cues e. Is the circadian cycle counterpart that corresponds to nocturnal animals 3. The suprachiasmatic nucleus ________. a. Is located just superior to the optic chiasm b. Is a major site regulating circadian rhythm c. Secretes sex hormones (testosterone, estradiol, etc.) d. Is larger in homosexual males and females, than in hetero males e. Receives afferents via the retinohypothalamic pathway. 4. Which of the following are associated with implicit memory? a. Cowering in absolute fear at the sight of your wicked stepmother. b. Knowing exactly what you were doing when NintenDogs was released. c. Knowing the answer to this question d. Having mad Guitar Hero skillz after much practice e. Drooling when you smell something that tastes like bliss f. Your grandpa remembering how much tuition was when he was “your age” 5. Pirates on epic voyages are at high risk for scurvy, a condition caused by insufficient vitamin C consumption. Considering their stereotypically large intake of ale, what other nutrition related perils must pirates be wary of? a. Vitamin B1 deficiency, arr! b. Will Turner’s Syndrome c. Bilateral hemianopsia d. Korsakoff’s Syndrome e. Ethanol Insensitivity Syndrome f. Guillain Barre Syndrome
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6. You are sixteen and someone you know develops schizophrenia. Of the following possible afflicted individuals, in which case should you be the most worried (ie. Which would result in you having the highest probability of developing schizophrenia, too.) a. Mother b. Neighbor c. Older brother d. Dizygotic twin e. Monozygotic twin f. Grandpa’s sister’s niece’s aunt’s step brother’s adopted great uncle 7. The example in #6 provides evidence for a ________ component underlying schizophrenia. 8. Which of the following statements are true concerning negative symptoms? a. They are symptoms that are exhibited as gaining of new behaviors. b. They are symptoms that are exhibited as a loss or suppression of normal behaviors. c. Negative symptoms are named as such because they lead to an overall decrease in the quality of life, unlike positive symptoms. d.
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Practice Exam 3 - Practice Exam 3 1 Which of the following...

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