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Exam 3 Review Human Genetics BIOL 1318 March 4, 2008 The exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions and will cover chapters 10 through 13 of your text Human Genetics . The following topics and points will be addressed on the exam: 1. transcription 2. chemical composition of RNA and DNA 3. DNA and RNA polymerases 4. central dogma of biology 5. transcription factors, promotors 6. complementarity 7. species of RNA molecules 8. ribosomes and rRNA 9. codon, anticodon, intron, exon 10. primary and mature transcripts 11. bonds in DNA 12. levels of protein structure 13.
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Unformatted text preview: genetic code 14. dicer enzyme 15. human genome 16. exon shuffling, chain switching, alternate splicing, epigenesis, RNAi 17. silent genes and pseudogenes 18. repeated sequences, LINEs and SINEs 19. mutagens and teratogens 20. palindrome 21. germline and somatic mutations 22. point, missense and nonsense mutations 23. chromosome architecture 24. heterochromatin and euchromatin 25. karyotype, ideogram 26. aneuploidy, euploidy and polyploidy 27. trisomy vs. triploidy 28. chromosome inversions 29. isochromosome and ring chromosome 30. FISH...
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