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Drama 116 Terminology

Drama 116 Terminology - Terminology 1 The House where the...

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Terminology: 1. The House: where the audience sits 2. The Voms (vomitorium): entrance way under the audience, through the audience (Paul Green Theater), or beside the audience 3. House Manager: make sure everything is working with the house, manage the box office, make sure “house” is clean, have ushers lined up for shows, weigh the house 4. Weigh the House: make sure the audience is dispersed evenly throughout the house 5. Late Comers : people who are late to the theater; house manage decides when a good time they are allowed in (Paul Green Theater- Stairs with blue lights that keep tons of light from coming in) 6. Legs: present to hide the wings, made of black curtain, often located at different levels 7. Wings: on the sides on the stage; used to enter and exit; sometime multiple wings- hidden by additional curtaints 8. Teasers: hides instruments; in modern theater, instruments are found in front of stage 9. Foot Lights: lights on the floor at your feet; rarely found anymore- used with gas; used a lot in beauty pageants 10. Special: a particular, “special” type of light, different from all other lights to distinguish a particular moment on stage; any color 11. Follow Spot: lights located at back of the house, operated by a person; found on Broadway- not usually musicals; follows the “star” around 12. Quick Change: changing clothes, takes place offstage; still try to create the illusion that actor did not change by either entrancing from other side of stage or another place in the house a.
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