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case 6 - Installment Sales Financing Act and also Consumer...

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Daniel Dunbar JLS 133 Case Brief Chapter 10 HANKS v. PANDOLFO Supreme Court of Connecticut, Appellate Session, 1982. 38 Conn.Supp. 447, 450 A.2d 1167. FACTS On April 2, 1979, the plaintiffs brought a suit claiming damages caused by the defendant’s sale of a dented refrigerator. Six charges were filed against the alleged. The plaintiffs claimed the damages and attorney fees payable to the New Haven Legal Assistance Association, Inc. The plaintiffs were willing to settle the matter for $900 plus attorney fees, which was $750. ISSUE Did the defendants breach the expressed warranties and violate the Retail
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Unformatted text preview: Installment Sales Financing Act and also Consumer Product Warranties Act. DECISION The court awarded $450 due to liability resolved only the fifth and sixth counts of the amended complaint in favor to the plaintiffs. REASONING The counts were dealt exclusively with alleged violations of the federal consumers product warranties act. 15 U.S.C. 2301 through 2312. Since the fundamentals principal is “that every litigant must bear his or her own expenses of litigation except otherwise provided by statue”. Peterson v. Norwalk , 152 Conn. 77, 80, 203 A.2d94 (1964)....
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