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Human Sexuality Exam 2 study guide - 1 Sociology of Sexual...

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Sociology of Sexual Behavior Exam 2 Review Sheet 1) Social Control Theory : (From Peter Berger article) o Social Controls : various means used by society to bring its recalcitrant(people who resist authority) members back into line o No society can exist without social control o Society is inside of us controlling our behaviors o Mechanisms of Social Control : o Methods of social control will vary depending on: o The social situation o The purpose and character of the group o Mechanisms: 1. Violence : restraining influence of the generally known availability of the means of violence Used as last resort Forms: o Physical force o The threat of violence The mere threat of ultimate violence usually enough for day- to-day exercise of social control 2. Economic Pressure : threatening ones livelihood or profit Both fear of being fired and the fear of NOT being hired 3. Verbal/Mental Pressures : group pressures and mechanisms Work best in compact groups with loyalty Persuasion: “C’mon, do it…” Ridicule and gossip: using the word “slut” Ostracism: If you don’t do what the group is doing you will be ostracized(banished from society) o Amish use shunning (No one ever speaks to the person) Fraud: making up things about people which aren’t true o E.g. “I got raped…” when rape didn’t really occur 4. Morality, Customs and Manners Some are legal but most are informally enforced 5. Occupational Controls Formal: licensing, professionalism, being in trade unions, formal rules and regulations of employers Informal: rules from colleagues and coworkers 6. Family and Personal Friends This type of control carries far more serious psychological weight You are least prepared o The home is seen as a place of refuge from the tensions of the world and a place of personal fulfillment 1
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A major source of “self definition” Likely to maintain as much harmony as possible so our sense of ourselves is maintained 2) Social Construction of Gender : (From Judith Lorber article) o Gender changes how we treat different people and how we talk to them o How do we choose people for tasks? o Through demonstrated achievements: talent, motivation, competence o Ascribed membership: gender , race, ethnicity o The building blocks for gender are socially constructed statuses o Gender as a Social Institution : o Gender determines the way we organize our lives o Society depends on a “predictable division of labor” Meaning: there is a “designed allocation of scarce goods, assigned responsibility for children and others who cannot care for themselves, common values, and their transmission to other members, etc.” o Breaching Gender : o It is easier for women to break gender (b/c men feel the need to uphold their “masculinity”) o Gender and Sex : o Women act the same way sexually as men but they are judged harsher than men 3) Presentation of Self : (From Erving Goffman article) o Goffman’s goal in
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Human Sexuality Exam 2 study guide - 1 Sociology of Sexual...

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