Outline of Sociology

Outline of Sociology - Methamphetamine use and violence...

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Research Paper Outline I. Intro- Why gang members are involved in drugs and how young kids get involved with gangs? Why am I interested? I am interested in this topic because I come from the south and was around many people that were in gangs. How is it related to the course material? This is related to the course material because one it shows how youths are socialized into gangs, and second how being in gangs relates you to drugs and violence. II. Body-Articles Article 1: Janice Joseph & Patricia G. Pearson. (March, 2002). Black Youths and Illegal Drugs. Journal of Black Studies, 32(4): 422-438. This article talks about how in the black youth drugs become a big problem because most black kids join gangs and get into drugs. Article 2: Arielle Baskin-Sommers & Ira Sommers. (2006).
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Unformatted text preview: Methamphetamine use and violence among young adults. Journal of Criminal Justice, 34: 661-674. This tells us what percent of violence and drugs relate to gangs. The violence is a result of the drugs used by gangs. • Article 3: Uberto Gatti, Richard E. Trembly, Frank Vitaro, and Pierre McDuff. (2005). Youth gangs, delinquency and drug use. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 46(11): 1178-1190. This article reports on how delinquent behavior is more obvious in gangs than people who don’t affiliate with gangs. II. Conclusion-Summary • I will try to answer my question with the articles that I read. Also I will summarize my research and say if needed any other research that is needed for this topic to understand it more....
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Outline of Sociology - Methamphetamine use and violence...

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