Phed102amidtermreview - Trapezius Biceps Rectus Abdominus...

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Trapezius Deltoid Latissimus Dorsi Biceps Triceps Pectoralis Rectus Abdominus Forearm Flexors Obliques Adductors Satorius Quadriceps Gastrocnemius Rector Spinae Gluteus maximus Hamstrings Circuit training is a form of group gym exercise in which strength exercises are combined with endurance exercises, with little or no rest performing 15 to 45 second workouts until all exercises have been completed or a certain time requirement achieved. It is continuous and is an overall body workout. In a pyramid the weight is first increased, and then decreased over a series of sets. A full pyramid typically includes five sets of approximately 12, 10, 8, 10 and 12 reps. The first two sets are performed with light to medium weights to warm up the muscles. The middle set is the work set, and uses the heaviest weight possible. The last two sets are drop sets, and further fatigue the muscle with progressively lighter weights. This technique provides a combination of volume and intensity, and is therefore popular with bodybuilders for strength
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Phed102amidtermreview - Trapezius Biceps Rectus Abdominus...

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