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Skill Enjoyment Degree of Skill Communication Speaking Persuasively Resolving, conflicts, building consensus Giving effective presentations Developing compelling sales approaches Listening effectively Writing concisely and chearly Interviewing for information giving advice or counseling collaborating with team members instructing training people to perform new tasks explaining complex ideas in everyday language Using Informations Gahtering information, doing research Synthesizing complex information Programing computers Classifiying information   deviisng classification systerss Evaluating data Observing and identifying data mangaging/ Leading Motivating, inspiring others to achieve goals Developing and communicating aa compelling vision Managing multiple projects Coordinating, organizing work teams
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Unformatted text preview: Mentoring Inititiating and executing a plan, task, or index building trust inititiating Change Coaching, developing employer's skills Leading individuals and groups to accomplish goals, objectives Planning Creating effective solutions to problems Developing strategies to achieve goals Estimating,reviewing project schedules Establishing costs controls Creativity Conceptualizing new or creative ideas,methods, structures Inventing /desigining a new product, object, procces, or art Generating innovative ideas Using intutions Visualizing Concepts Using imagination Customer Service Focusing on customer, client needs Building and maintaining relationships Building Development gernerating income Identifying and capatilzing on oppurtunities...
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