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1. What is the purpose of virtual memory? A) The purpose of virtual memory is to enlarge the address space it can than contain over twice as much memory as the main memory. 2. What is a disk scanner, and how is it different from a disk defragmenter? A) A disk scanner is responsible for detection and correction of errors on a disk and searches and removes unnecessary problems. B) A disk defragmenter is different because it optimizes programs to run faster
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Unformatted text preview: and makes your computer faster. 3. What functions do antivirus programs perform? A) They identify and remove viruses on a computer and regularly checks the disks and files for viruses. It also can scan your computer for viruses. 4. What is the importance of the kernel? A) A kernel is important because when booting the computer the essential portion of the operating system are copied into the computers memory and this is called the kernel....
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