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Unformatted text preview: 1-29-08 ENGR 111-01 Dr. Crockett's Homework Skillin, Paul variable n ( # periods) F (future value of money) P (present value of money) A (annual) i (intrest rate per period) resultant value of unknown values for # 1 120 0 18,000 ? 0.44% 193.12506252135400 values for # 2 40 2,000,000 0? 7% 10018.27774722060000 values for # 3 40 2,000,000 ? 0 7% 133560.76203062800000 Problem 1: A loan for $18,000 is taken out, with an intrest rate of 5.25% to be paid back over a period of 100 periods. What is the annual payment? According to the equation given, it is $193.13 Problem 2: By putting how much per year into a portfolio making 7% would it take to have $2 million dollars at the end of 40 years? According to the equation, that is $10,018.28 Problem 3: By putting how much (as a lump sum) into the same portfolio as that in #2 would it take for that amount to mature into $2 million in 40 years? According to the equation, it would take $133,560.76 ...
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