Resort Promtion Plan

Resort Promtion Plan - IV. PROPOSED PROMOTIONS A....

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IV. PROPOSED PROMOTIONS A. ADVERSTISING One of the ad campaigns will be run in the Sunday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. The tagline will be “Tired of the hectic city life but don’t have time to go to far? Come relax at Nature Spa for a weekend and we will pamper your every need.” It will also list services, amenities, contact info, and location. This will be run every Sunday except in February when it will only be ran three time in order to stay under budget. The cost of this is $2,272 per ad for a 1/32 of a page spot (2” x 1.056”). I have also figured into the promotions budget the development of a website. For this I have chose Milestone Internet Marketing Inc. They are a company that specializes in Internet marketing services for the hospitality industry. Part of the development is to design the website to perform well on all search engines. The initial research and development cost was estimated to be $4,500-$5,500 plus an ongoing maintenance and web hosting cost per month. This includes website statistics and analytics that allow you to see various things such as where your customers are booking from, whether they are a new or returning customer and various other useful tools. I have included more detailed information in the appendix. A second way to pull people in will be through Google Adwords. The initial cost to set up an account is only $5 and beyond that it is PPC (pay per click). Some of the phrases for resorts are at a cost beyond what we can afford however, I found two that would be in the
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Resort Promtion Plan - IV. PROPOSED PROMOTIONS A....

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