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Joshua DH Enter:NoManna;Passover;circumcise again;establishment via victories of God Judges :Deborah (most honored); Gideon ppl ask 4 king(Midianites-fleece;dew); Samson Timeline: 1200InCanaan;1020Saul King;1000David King;961Solomon king; 950temple completed;922Split (N&S);750Amos(Isaiah&Hosea);721N.destroyed(Assyria);621 Josiah reforms(Jeremiah) don’t resist Babylon(God’s judgement); 587S.destroyed (Babylon);EXILE (Ezekial);539Persians defeat Bab.;538 Edict of Cyrus(Persia) may return to Judea; 515Temple2; 450Ezra/Nehemiah; REMNANT& DIASPORA Amos :day of Lord(judgement day,defeat enemies) Hosea :steadfast covenant love Mosaic/SinaiCovenant :10comd.Apodicticabsolute law;monotheism;egalitarian; conditional Exodus :Deliverance;Covenant;narrative history;reaffirm circ.;irony;God causative agent;Rituals of remembering: Passover;unleavened bread;consecration 1 st born Matt. :90% from Mark Date :85 C.E. Author :Matthew/Levi Emphasis :Jesus as supreme teacher; nature of the church(Ecclesia); Jewish nature; higher righteousness thru obedience;JC came 2 fulfill law not abolish it; Matt. and Luke: Synoptic; Structure similar to Mark; Material not in Mark attributed to Q source; Luke: 60% from Mark;Emphasis on Women;3stages;birth narrative(Mary);compassion for lowly;legality of Christianity; Common btwn all 4:Utilized John the Baptist*ministry in Galilee & Jerusalem *crucifixion; Common btwn synoptics : * Turning point from ministry in Galilee to ministry in Jerusalem:Peter’s confession of identity;Transfiguration
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