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Review for 2nd theater exam - Review Sheets for 2nd Exam...

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Review Sheets for 2 nd Exam – Spring, 2008 – Early Broadway through 1930s Mid-1880s – American musical theatre was basically what was being produced in England. Pieces were imported and adapted for the local taste – which usually meant lowering the comedy and the addition of current popular songs . THE DOCTOR OF ALCANTARA An American piece – produced in Boston. Not visibly American … written by London immigrant and composer from Düsseldorf. simply a comic opera virtually a remake of the French play the score was very conventional and in the mode of the well-established comic operas. But it WAS the first real landmark in AMERICAN musical theatre and was successful. The shows in New York that were successful at this point had: THE BLACK CROOK - 1866 The first long-running “American” musical hit. Score was made up of popular songs of the day The grafting of songs, dances and plot was crude. But it featured elaborate scenic effects Colorful costumes and Bare-limbed Dancing Girls A mixture of melodramatic fairytale, massed dancing, short skirts, low comedy, and mostly second-hand tunes. 1874 – EVANGELINE, or the Belle of Arcadia – an American piece that had a set of songs written specifically for it. The libretto was a parody of the Longfellow poem. EVANGELINE proves to be the first international hit from the USA . ROBIN HOOD – the big hit was “Oh, Promise Me” sung by Alan-a-Dale as a pants roles (or trouser role) ADONIS – a play written about a male statue that comes to life. It starred Henry Dixey as ADONIS; he was known as a “pedestal dancer.”
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HARRIGAN & HART Broad comedy that included the stereotypes of the many immigrant groups in New York … the Irish, Germans, Jews, Blacks … everybody was a potential target … think of “The Mind of Mencia” on The Comedy Channel … except this was a duo. Had nothing to do with “political correctness.” Harrigan & Hart – famous for “The Mulligan Guards” A TRIP TO CHINATOWN – The biggest single hit of the 19 th century American stage. Included the hits “Reuben, Reuben,” “The Bowery,” and “After the Ball” ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL AMERICAN HIT: THE BELLE OF NEW YORK Comic Opera was taken up by VICTOR HERBERT: Born in Dublin Played the cello in the orchestra of Johann Strauss in Vienna Played for the Metropolitan Opera Company (cellist) Victor Herbert musicals: BABES IN TOYLAND THE RED MILL NAUGHTY MARIETTA In the early years of the twentieth century, Herbert championed the right of composers to profit from their work and worked closely with John Philip Sousa
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Review for 2nd theater exam - Review Sheets for 2nd Exam...

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