Biology 171 Syllabus 2007

Biology 171 Syllabus 2007 - Biology 171 Introductory...

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Instructor: Dr. Alison Sherwood (Assistant Professor), Botany Department, University of Hawai‘i ; Email: Lecture TA: Rebekah Fuller (Graduate Assistant), Botany Department, University of Hawai‘i; Email: Lectures will be given primarily by Alison Sherwood (with several guest lecturers assisting throughout the semester). Rebekah Fuller is here to help you with questions about how the course information is disseminated – please contact Rebekah if you need information or help with the iClicker system, WebCT, or accessing lectures via the website. Textbook: th Edition. Benjamin Cummings Publishers, 1231 pages. Available at the UH bookstore (used and new copies $119- 156). Also available through internet booksellers (e.g. Office Hours: Friday 9:30 – 10:30 am (Dean Hall room 001), or by appointment. You can also ask me questions outside the classroom for a few minutes after class each day. Course description: There has never been a better time to study biology! The discipline is full of exciting new developments that are built upon some fundamental findings from the past several centuries. This course is an introduction to biology for life science majors that integrates traditional and modern biological approaches. Topics covered include cell structure and chemistry, growth, reproduction, basic cell biology, genetics and evolution, phylogeny and systematics, and biodiversity of viruses and bacteria. Evaluation: You will be evaluated through two midterm exams (each worth 30%), one final exam (worth 35%), and class participation using iClickers (5%). Exams are non-cumulative: material on the first and second midterm will not be on the final exam (except for concepts that you need to remember to understand the last third of the course material!). You will be given the full 5% participation grade for being in class and answering iClicker questions for 20 of the classes this semester. You will receive 4% for answering questions in 15-19 classes, 3% for 10-14, 2% for 5-9 and 1% for 1-4 classes. Your answers do not need to be correct to be awarded the participation points! This is an opportunity for an easy 5% - just come to class and follow along the lecture material! (Caveat - anyone caught with more than one iClicker in class will receive a zero for the participation points) If you miss an exam, it is your responsibility to contact me ASAP to arrange for a make- up exam. Make-up exams will only be given within one week of the original exam date, and will only be arranged if you provide a medical note. No extra credit assignments will be given for this course. Biology 171 – Introductory Biology
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This note was uploaded on 04/13/2008 for the course BIOL 171L taught by Professor Riley during the Fall '07 term at Hawaii.

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Biology 171 Syllabus 2007 - Biology 171 Introductory...

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