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Study Questions for Test 3 Chapters 7-10 1. Lascaux’s images probably had a(n) RITUAL purpose linked to nature’s bounty. 2. Prehistoric artists painted images in the BACK of the caves. 3. Coe’s There Is No Escape is from a series condemning the meat industry called PORKOPOLIS 4. Warhol’s work, such as Heinz 57 Tomato Ketchup celebrated the commercial art of PACKAGING 5. Salt was considered so valuable that it was a source of wealth; the word SALARY comes from the Latin word for salt. 6. Bruegel’s The Harvesters showed the place of HUMANS within the landscape. 7. In the early twentieth century, still life paintings were not concerned with FOOD AS SUSTENANCE 8. Names some types of Ritual meals. a. WEDDINGS b. HOLIDAYS c. MEETINGS OF GOVERNMENT FIGURES 9. What type of material was used by early humans in Russia and the Ukraine for framing their homes? a. TUSKS AND BONES OF WOOLY MAMMOTH FOR HUT FRAMES 10.Trajan’s Market has tabernas whose form and arrangement suggests a SHOPPING MALLS. 11.In the Aboriginal contour map the painting uses RADIAL balance to create movement across the picture plane.
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12.Know the painting and memorize the Title, date, and creator. 13.In the painting of pies at the deli, know the Title, date, creator, and the function which is to show food as BEAUTIFUL 14.Know the architect who designed one of the first innovative tall buildings of the 20 th c., and the phrase he coined. a. LOUIS SULLICAN b. “FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION” 15.What does the Venus of Willendorf represent? a. ANAYNOMUS PREGANT WOMAN 16.What does the Primordial Couple of the Dogon represent? a. FATHER AND MOTHER OF ALL 17.Know the symbols in Jan van Eyck’s The Wedding . a. FRUIT = FRUITIALITY b. NO SHOES c. SINGLE CANDLE = HOPE d. SHOWS WITENSS IN WINDOW e. PARTED BED DRAPES 18.Know what the odalisque was a member of. a. TURKISH HAREM 19.Georgia O’Keeffe’s work is a close up look at what? a. FLOWERS
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Study_Questions_for_Test_3 - Study Questions for Test 3...

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