Iraq - The Remarks of a United States Senator Mr...

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Page 1 of 2 The Remarks of a United States Senator Mr. President,. seems appropriate to review briefly events leading up to our present position in Iraq, the status of that present position and what possible courses are available for the future. ...there is no reason to doubt that wide support exists in the world to the proposition that the military power of the United States should not be questioned or compromised. However, at the present time it is not possible to sustain a clear and present danger of military defeat facing U.S. Armed Forces. The enemy has apparently dismissed any idea of engaging in major formal combat with superior United States forces and has resorted to a war of harassment and surprise guerrilla tactics. Faced with the harassment of the insurgent forces and the militias, casualties to American forces in Iraq are inevitable. The more American troops in active combat, the more casualties from such harassment there will be. But these casualties in no way sustain the prospect of a military defeat. Today, the American commitment in Iraq no longer involves the fundamental objective of preserving the credibility and integrity of U.S. Armed Forces - provided that the war is not extended in time or in geography to the point where a wholly new threat to U.S. military power exists.
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Iraq - The Remarks of a United States Senator Mr...

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