Social theory for test 1

Social theory for test 1 - Thomas Hobbs Hobbsian problem...

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Unformatted text preview: Thomas Hobbs- Hobbsian problem- Problem of order.-Implication-more and more conflict, etc. Technology is getting better and wars are getting worse. Urbanization is leading to a more miserable life.-Problem is going to worsen unless we find a way of ordering and integrating society.-SOLUTION: Strong central government with a social contract. Imagery = the leviathan ( sea monster). Social contract: agreement that we will give to the state the ability and force to hold at bay the enemies. Application of reason We have free will-All theorists have tried to address this problem of order and all have failed.-Hobbs is optimistic because he thinks that we have the capacity for change. 4 Dimensions: 1. Knowledge and Emotions: we have to know about one another and ourselves. a. Learn to get along better emotionally, more personal level, stronger emotional bonds. 2. Methodological Individualism: a. Keep in mind, notion that we are not completely human if we are completely alone, but our social membership doesnt completely explain our humanity. If youre at war and you identify one whole group ( the japs, etc), it dehumanizes them and you are able to destroy them. Easy to kill until you give them their humanity back, then it becomes hard). 3. Society is on a continuum between order and disorder a. Theres no Utopia though. 4. Qualities of Disorder a. death or injury to others b. diminished cooperative endeavors. c. Diminished levels of plain civility- manners, politeness, etc. Makes you feel less integrated August Comte-Bio info: raised Roman Catholic but later turned his back on all organized religion. Tutored students first and then gave public speeches but everyone hated him. Eventually gave up reading because he thought that it cluttered his mind and he couldnt thing of his own ideas. Died miserable and alone. 1. Lived through 4 revolutions: Scientific: people were thinking more scientifically. Economic: rise of capitalism Political: French Revolution and effects of American Revolution Intellectual: The Enlightenment Says all 4 create a deplorable state of anarchy. Huge problems of urbanization into areas that arent prepared for them There will be a rise in the population His solution Use scientific method to look at society. Refers to this as social physics. a. Discover laws of human interaction. b. Creates Organic Analog: Look at society as a whole, like doctors look at the body ( everything connected, there are spets of course, but look at body as a whole first). 4 features that one ought to look for: a. Cultural Ideas b. Ideas occur in evolutionary stages: they have to occur in the right order....
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Social theory for test 1 - Thomas Hobbs Hobbsian problem...

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