Rishil Patel - quickly. Most of the Universities also allow...

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Rishil Patel Eng-102 TR Priscilla Litorja 3/27/08 The Researched Argument A World Wide Web s a Search Engine where a person can get all the information he wants. However, the information he/she gets is not necessarily accurate every time. That means that person is getting the information that can’t be guaranteed. On the other hand there is licensed Database, which consists of thousands of index articles, construct engines that can search the database by putting into the category of author, title, subject, genre, and other distinctiveness. Licensed database is usually restricted t fee-paying customers, and they cannot be searched through Web Engines like Yahoo or Google. In the Licensed Database there is a keyword search where only the hint of the word is needed to locate the things of a person is looking for. For instance, if you are searching for Barbie dolls in different Figures and accessories, then you only have to type “Barbie Doll” and the articles that contain either a phrase then you would be able to get to it
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Unformatted text preview: quickly. Most of the Universities also allow students to access these databases from a computer by using a password. Reliability refers to the accuracy of factual data in a source as determined by external validations. Such as a reliable writer understands the controversies thats going on and doesnt treat disputed data as fact. Credibility is similar to reliability but it is based on internal rather than external factors. However, a writer can get the credibility, even among bitter political opponents, by applying to issues of moral courage. In understanding the Rhetoric of Web Sites many Web Sites are highly and very expensive to produce. The Web is also helpful for free advertisements. You have to be very careful in analyzing the purpose in the site. Be specific of what you are talking about, because people misunderstand the main concepts and do the wrong thing....
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Rishil Patel - quickly. Most of the Universities also allow...

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