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Homeless Children Answers - Rishil Patel E102-8TR Dr....

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Rishil Patel E102-8TR Dr. P.Litorja 2/20/08 From “First Place: A Healing School for Homeless Children” 1a . Marybeth Hamilton the author of this essay, states many opposing views anticipated from her audience. She consults about the difference between First Place and regular schools. The first argument from her audience is that the school is too expensive and costing more taxpayer dollars per child than a mainstream school. Another opposing reason was that First Place spending too much money on social services for the students and their families instead of spending it all on educational purposes. In addition to that, other objection was that an agency like First place is that the short-term stay does no long-term good for the students. Finally, the last opposing argument was the value of removing students from mainstream classrooms that separates children from regular classrooms. 1b . She questions by saying “what good is it to help just the child when the rest of the family is still suffering?” Therefore, at First Place they believe that educating a child will
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Homeless Children Answers - Rishil Patel E102-8TR Dr....

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