Be alert and report any concerns you may have

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Unformatted text preview: upport agencies. The adult frequently calls EMS for inconsequential symptoms The adult begins to demonstrate behavior of being unable to handle an impending crisis Characteristics of the Abused Does not mind (at any age) if parent or caregiver leaves the room. Cries hopelessly during treatment or cries very little Does not look at parents for reassurance Is wary of physical contact Is extremely apprehensive Appears constantly on the alert for danger A child's behavior is one of the most important indicators of abuse. Table 4-2 Softtissue injuries are common indicators of abuse, especially multiple bruises in different places on the body, in different stages of healing, and/or with distinctive shapes. Physical Examination Burns and scalds Fractures Head injuries Shaken baby syndrome Abdominal injuries Woman accused of scalding baby to death Thursday, December 23, 2004 Posted: 7:38 AM EST (1238 GMT) ROCHESTER HILLS, Michigan (AP) A pregnant woman was charged with killing her boyfriend's toddler daughter by scalding her in what prosecutors say was 147degree water, then ignoring her suffering for several hours. Letitia Ann Johnson, 27, of Orion Township was charged Wednesday with seconddegree murder in the death of 22monthold Jasmine Phillips. She was ordered held without bond. Johnson gave the girl a bath Saturday nig...
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