Follow local and state requirements in reporting

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Unformatted text preview: o choking Broken teeth, swollen jaw or cheekbone... Muscle soreness or stiffness from being restrained In calls involving abuse or assault, your primary responsibility is safety--both your own and that of your patient. Assist a rape patient with calming and supportive reassurance. Speak softly, and ask simple but direct questions. Encourage the patient to report the rape. If possible, a samesex paramedic or EMT should maintain contact with the victim of rape or an alleged sexual assault, accompanying the patient to the hospital. Psychosocial Aspects Initial contact Non Judgmental and supportive attitude Quiet speech Slow movements Considerate gestures (ensure privacy and modesty) Legal Issues Your actions in the case of alleged sexual assaults can affect the prosecution of a crime. Protect the evidence! Chain of Evidence Legally retaining items of evidence and accounting for their whereabouts at all times to prevent loss or tampering Summary Partner Abuse Elder Abuse Child Abuse Sexual Assault...
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