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Legalities ems personnel are professionally

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Unformatted text preview: s and observation regarding acts of violence When documenting on your PCR ... DO NOT ACCUSE. OBJECTIVILY DOCUMENT YOUR FINDING! Remember the scene IS A CRIME SCENE! DOMESTIC ABUSE HOTLINE 1800799SAFE 24 hour toll free hotline set up through VAWA (Violence against Woman Act 1994) Elder Abuse Identification Domestic Institutional WHY? Increased Life expectancy Physical and mental impairment Decreased productivity Increased dependence Limited resources for care of the elderly Economic factors Stress of caregiver responsible for two generations Facts Average victim is about 78 years old with multiple, chronic health conditions that make him or her dependent on others for care. Widows over the age of 75 have the greatest likelihood of being abused. Percentages all others 20% friend 8% other relative 14% sibling 3% Adult children 34% Grandchildren Spouse 5% 16% Institutional abuse Physical = open wounds, cuts, bruises etc Emotional abuse = victim who is emotionally upset or agitated and unusual behavior by victim (sucking, biting, or rocking) Neglect = dehydration, malnutrition, or pressure sores. Victim who may beg for food. Unsanitary or unclean conditions You are obligated to report suspected elder abuse to the appropriate authorities....
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