Remain calm when you speak to the person and do not

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Unformatted text preview: he person and do not enter his or her personal space. Remain alert to changes in emotional status, and be prepared to summon law enforcement officials if necessary. Categories of Partner Abuse Physical abuse: application of force in many different ways Verbal abuse: words chosen to control or harm a person. Sexual abuse: form of physical abuse, forced sexual contact includes marital and date rape. Financial/ Material Exploitation: Illegal or improper use of funds, property, or assets Abuse may exacerbate existing medical conditions. "Cracking the Code of Silence" Male is unemployed Male uses illegal drugs at least once a year Partners have different religious backgrounds Family income is below poverty level Partners are unmarried Cont'd Either party is violent toward children at home Male did not graduate from high school Male is unemployed or has a bluecollar job. Male is between 1830 year old Male saw his father hit his mother. General Characteristics More common low socioeconomic levels where paying bills, keeping a job, and keeping pace with technology s difficult. History of family violence Neither party able to back down Abusers usually exhibit overly aggressive personalities due to low self esteem Characteristics of Abused Partners Pregnancy Substance abuse Emotional disorders Battered Women Battered definition: Form of domestic violence, is establishment of control and fear in a relationship through violence and other forms of abuse. A woman is battered by her husband, boyfriend, or live in partner ever...
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