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Signs of neglect malnutrition severe diaper rash

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Unformatted text preview: hysical contact or attention Severe multiple bruises can lead to death. You can often recognize the source of intentional burns by their shape and/or pattern. Figure 4-5 Evidence of child abuse: xray of a spiral femur fracture. Figure 4-6 As with all other forms of abuse, paramedics have an obligation to report suspected child abuse. Sexual Assault Definitions Sexual assault--unwanted oral, genital, or manual sexual contact. Rape--penile penetration of the genitalia without the consent of the victim. Taking advantage of someone under the influence is the same as saying no. Evidence protection Take steps to preserve evidence Discourage patient from urinating or defecating, douching, or bathing Do not remove evidence from any part of the body that was subjected to sexual contact unless necessary to provide urgent medical care Cont'd Notify law enforcement personnel as soon as possible Be aware that there will be a "chain of evidence" with specific requirements of proof. Follow local and state requirements in reporting these cases. Characteristics Abrasions and bruises on the upper limb, head, and neck Forcible signs of restraint (rope burns, wrist welts) Petechiae of the face and conjunctiva secondary t...
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