FSN374 wint01 exam1

FSN374 wint01 exam1 - 3(J/7 4_~_‘ First Exam Winter...

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Unformatted text preview: 3 (J /7 4 _~_____ .__‘_.. First Exam Winter 2001 (Short Answer Section - 30 POINTS) NAME ' FSN 374 TEST NUMBER Directions: Answer these questions on these pages. Be brief and make sure you answer all parts of the question. 1. There are three (3) major differences between the FDA and the USDA in regard to 1) kind of food regulated, 2) pre approval of food labels, and 3) food processing equipment and sanitizing/cleaning agents that are allowed to be used. Assume you are the FDA and explain what the position of the USDA is regarding the 3 items above. (6 POINTS) Pwduck W 27. NM 1. Kind of Food Regulated - 9 yo P0 2. Labels -4 f M 'a/y/WW 3. Equipment and SanitizinglcleaningAgents - 2. The other two governmental agencies that deal directly with law and regulations involving food are the BATF and the NMFS. What are the types of foods each of these organizations deal with? (4 POINTS) BATF: % do I NMFS: ‘ 3. List 4 of the major weaknesses of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 that the FFDCA of 1938 solved. (4 POINTS) 4. Please give the full complete name of the following agencies of the federal government: (2 POINTS) The FTC- 22:33.33: wit-3‘23 WWW WW //é he ,» 5. There are three (3) levels of courts in the Federal system; Trial Courts (level 1 (level 2), and The Final Appellate Court (level 3). What is the official name ’ - m.“ - - d what type of matters/deliberations does each level of court deal with? (6 POINTS) g . Name of Level 1 - . . s ’7 Level 1 deals with {JR/H SW 5, Name of Level2- 07W W Level 2 deals with - WWTV ‘ Name of Level 3 - W’Vfl ,, W ’, (4/ i I .3 Level 3 deals with - m M , 6. Both the legislative and executive branches of the Federal government publish their deliberations in chronological and topical formats. Give the Official Abbreviations for each of the publications described below. (8 POINTS) N a. The legislative branch of our federal government publishes its topical deliberations in: \)SC/ . b. The legislative branch ofour federal government publishes ' ogiCal deliberations in: Fla StJ‘. K c. The executive branch of our federal government publishe ological deliberations in: r r P—o V d. The executive branch 0 our federal governmentpublishes its topical deliberations in: W. M W” ...
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FSN374 wint01 exam1 - 3(J/7 4_~_‘ First Exam Winter...

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