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Shane Athans Introduction to Sociology September 17, 2007 THE VIEW FROM A SPANIARD The person I selected was Josh Stockwell. He lived in Spain for most of his life. I selected to interview a person from Spain because I lived there for 3 years and I wanted to learn even more about what would go through the mind of at least one Spaniard. I asked him 5 questions and these are all more or less directly quoted from him. 1. How do you feel about the differences in the way American children are raised and Spanish children are raised? I feel that Spanish kids have a lot more freedoms and liberties than American kids do. I enjoyed this a lot while growing up in Spain. I think the main problem in the USA is that parents are overprotective these days because they don't trust their kids or their afraid of some random thing happening to them like they see on TV every day. The problem with this is that I think a lot of kids then are more enticed to get caught up in binge drinking or drugs or what not because they feel so isolated from real life, and then they have a hard time adjusting to the real world because they're used to having their parents take care of everything for them. 2. How do you feel about the terrorist acts against the US and how would you have reacted if it happened in Spain? Well I guess I feel the same as a lot of people; sad and angry. I mean some people with rather extreme ideas decided it would be a good idea to kill a whole bunch of random people who'd never done anything to them. This actually did happen in Spain on a lesser scale. There were 1
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some train bombings in Madrid which killed some 200 people, and of course I was outraged and sad about the whole thing. 3. What do you feel about the fact that if your a celebrity in the US, you can get away
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EthnoStudy - Shane Athans Introduction to Sociology THE...

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