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Religion Notes 1/18/07 If you’re starting a church you’re doing something brand new and you don’t have anything to start with really, there are no ingredients for the perfect “lemonade.” It took 3 to 4 centuries for any kind of solid structure or theology to become a part of the preaching of a church. There were many questions that the early church had to try and answer: who is allowed in, how to help the poor people, donations vs taxes, etc. I) Earliest Christianity (33-54) a. We learn the most from the book of Acts. Socially most of the people were pretty equal. Pretty soon they realized that they should probably have some sort of hierarchy. Appointed people to take care of the widows, orphans, and other impoverished members. The new “system” was still pretty loose, however. No one thought they were making a “new religion,” they thought they were simply Jews. b. Paul then comes along and at first is a “true Jew” and originally rejected the idea of Christianity.
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Unformatted text preview: After a while, he accepted Christianity and decided to spread the word. Then new questions arise, like whether to require gentiles to become jews and keep the laws in order to become a member of the church. All the early leaders had to decide what to do with the gentiles, Paul didn’t think that they should have to keep the law, James didn’t think that they should let them in unless they kept the law, becoming Jewish was the first step to being a Christian. Finally, Peter has a vision and says that they shouldn’t require the gentiles to keep the laws, except for 3 things i. Abstain from sexual immorality ii. Abstain from food that’s been polluted by idols (can’t eat food from the temple of Zeus or something.) iii. Abstain from blood in your meat and meat that’s been strangled. Emphasis on not worshipping other gods. c. The bible of the early church was still primarily the Old Testament text. It wasn’t like we all of a sudden had a complete Bible...
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