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February6th - Notes I Basic Augustine Facts a Bishop in...

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Notes 2/6/2007 I) Basic Augustine Facts a. Bishop in North Africa b. Grew up in a good Christian house, mother’s name was Monica, she was a strong influence on him even though he went astray at first: i. Hedonism – Augustine liked sex a lot ii. Manichaeism – became a philosopher in this religion, it was dualistic. iii. Eventually his mom convinced him to attend a service where a guy named Ambrose was giving the sermon, he was really allegorical. c. Finally, he throws himself into Christianity and the gospel. d. City of God (one of Augustine’s books) i. Two cities, the city of God and the city of Man 1. in the city of man (the earthly city) people live for a love for themselves 2. in the Godly city, people live out a love for God. e. Confessions (another one of Augustine’s books) i. One of his most well known “diaries” ii. Not only asking himself what he is doing but also why is he doing it. iii. He struggled with earthly, fleshly desires. He said that there was no way to get around it.
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