4-10 - VII Ritschl(died 1889 a Believed that schleirmacher...

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Notes 4/10/07 I. Scopes Monkey Trial a. Scopes – football coach/taught science class (evolution) i. Gets arrested b. Darrow represented Scopes i. Attacked the literal interpretation of the scriptures c. William Jennings Bryan was on the creation side d. This is important because it started to break down literalist interpretations of the scripture. II. 1987 a. Golder – Bible scholar i. Believed that the church shouldn’t control the academy ii. Believed that he needed freedom to objectively study the scriptures. III. Welhausen a. Believed that you couldn’t trust the story of Genesis to Kings IV. Crossan/Jesus Seminar a. Can’t trust Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. b. Want to try to find out what Jesus really said. c. (scripture is no longer assumed to be in authority) V. 19 th Century libal theology VI. Schlieiermacher a. Believed that what we need for religion is a feeling for awe/dependence b. Believes you can tell how righteous you are by God conscious.
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Unformatted text preview: VII. Ritschl (died 1889) a. Believed that schleirmacher was too subjective. b. Important because he inspired Rauschenbush i. Good Baptist ii. Took ritschl’s beliefs too the next level iii. Social gospel believed that Christians must fight the kingdom of Evil iv. #1 goal of Christians v. believed that the structures can be saved VIII. WWI a. Critics i. Kierkeyard 1. believed that Christianity was about a response to God with faith 2. famous example – Abraham (this kind of faith is what characterizes Christianity). ii. Newman 1. pushes the Anglican church to be more like catholics and pushes away from liberality. 2. he later converted to a Catholic Priest iii. Charles Hodge 1. an academic at Princeton 2. believed we need a return to scripture. 3. all theology must begin with scripture 4. have to believe that scripture is literally true....
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  • Scopes Trial, Clarence Darrow, William Jennings Bryan, ritschl, I. Scopes Monkey, football coach/taught science

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4-10 - VII Ritschl(died 1889 a Believed that schleirmacher...

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