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Notes 4/5/07 I. Deism a. Voltaire believed that God created the universe/set universe in order by setting laws – left everything alone b. Became popular c. Most famous deist, Thomas Jefferson II. Spiritualism a. George Fox i. Believed that true religion was about finding your inner light. ii. Quakers – physical manifestations (shake) of the inner light iii. They saw the goodness in humanity iv. They were passivists and didn’t believe in war. v. They moved to the new world to find religious freedom. III. Deitism – seeking to find union with Christ a. Johann Arndt i. True Christianity ii. Believed that in Christianity you have a union with Christ. 1. union makes you live a transformed life. b. John Wesley i. Sought assurance of salvation ii. Began to preach in England after leaving Georgia
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Pushed for reform in the Anglican church iv. Started own denomination – Methodist v. Thought that everyone has a chance to accept Christ c. George Whitefield i. Preacher in England ii. Goes to the colonies and preaches deitic message iii. The Great Awakening sweeps through the colonies d. Johnathan Edwards i. Calvanist ii. People go crazy over sermons iii. “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” e. Holiness Movement i. Movement try to become holy ii. 2 nd experience = sanctification IV. Rise of Modernity a. Romanticism i. Emphasizes nature, feelings, and emotions b. Darwinism i. Undermines the uniqueness of humanity ii. Undermines the authority of scripture iii. Evolution...
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