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March20th - Becomes a christian in 1533 ii Pretty quickly...

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Notes 3/20/07 I) Radical Reformation a. Zwingley b. Thomas Munster (germany) i. Incites the people ii. Very violent guy, gets an army together to fight the evil hordes of the catholic church. iii. Starts the peasant revolt and they are basically slaughtered. c. Anabaptists i. We’re doing all these things and stuff, we should not baptize infants, since baptism is an affirmation of your faith and should be made after you make some kind of commitment to Christ. ii. No one liked these people, zwingley didn’t like them, luther didn’t like them, the catholic church didn’t like them... luther and zwingley compared baptism to circumcision. II) John Calvin (1509-1564) a. Life i.
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Unformatted text preview: Becomes a christian in 1533. ii. Pretty quickly becomes a major figure in a new protestant movement iii. Luther didn’t have a structured theology, calvin did. iv. 1536 writes Institutes of Christian Religion . This book started out as kind of a pocket handbook, etc. v. Servetus (Calvin’s darkspot) b. Theology i. Draws you in; lot’s of structure and order. ii. Sovereignty of God, anything that happens, God has to ordain them to let that happen. ON TEST: Names with roman numerals! Need to know my stuff cold! 66 questions approx. 6 or 7 book questions 5 or 6 true or false similar to last time a lot of history and a lot of people...
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