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Notes 2/27/06 I) West in late middle ages – politically people were thinking of themselves as part of a larger entity instead of belonging to a specific area ruled by a specific lord. a. 1337-1453 france and England (100 years war) b. dissatisfied with the way things were going and the way the church was running things. i. was a time of economic depression ii. time of the black plague II) Babylonian captivity of the church a. Clement 5 th (1305-1314) not a strong personality i. Moved the papacy to Avignon, France until 1377 ii. The church kind of fell apart at this point and the foundation was shaken. b. Gregory XI – moves the papacy back, but only rules for a short time c. Urban VI – bc the papacy had been in France for so long the clergy was mostly French. He can be considered clinically insane and a power monger. The college of cardinals ended up kicking him out. d. Clement VII – Urban refused to abdicate the thrown though, “I’m the pope, you can’t do that to me.” The French favored Clement though.
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Unformatted text preview: For a time there was two popes. In 1409, the leaders call a counsel and here they decide that there shouldnt be two popes, they throw out both popes because neither showed up to the counsel. Alexander is selected to council. e. 1417 Martin V f. Pius II 1460 Execrabilis III) Great schism a. The church is doing whatever it can to raise money b. Pilgrimages became wildly popular IV) Reform movements a. Cathari wanted to live and embrace poverty b. Waldenses same c. Dominicans actually did it d. Franciscans allowed women into their group. Preachers. e. Wyclffe and Hus said scripture is really what we should be looking for to replace the councils. The pope should be under the control of scripture. There should not be a demarcation between priests and believers. Advocate for the priesthood of all believers. Followers called lollards. Veneration of mary and saints is silly and superstion....
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