March1st - may be c God saved humanity through Jesus Christ...

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Notes 3/1/07 Quiz answers: 1) t 2) f 3) f 4) f 5) f Mystics and Mysticism: mystics sought deeper connection w/ God. I) Bonaventure 1217-1274 kicks off mysticism a. Most famous work – Journey of the Mind to God b. Mysterious illumination of the mind II) Catherine of Siena 1347-1380 a. Famous work – The Dialogue b. Woman that rises to a high position in the Christian kingdom c. Advisor to Gregory the 11 th i. Told him to bring the papacy back to Rome. d. Emphasizes loving christ III) Julian of Norwich 1342-1416 a. Famous work – Revelations of Divine Love b. Spoke about God in a motherly fashion IV) Thomas a Kempis 1380-1471 a. Famous work – The Imitation of Christ b. Imitate the life and actions of Jesus. (this should be the thing that we study more than anything else. Theologians I) John Duns Scotus 1265- a. Says that God isn’t necessarily going to do the rational thing, He is going to do whatever he wants to do. b. Emphasized the freedom of God and supersede anything we can think He
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Unformatted text preview: may be. c. God saved humanity through Jesus Christ because it was rational --- Scotus says that God could’ve saved the work through a jackass if He wanted, He is NOT bound by reason in these types of situations. More important than reason is revelation. One of our most important pieces of revelation is scripture. In revelation we become supernatural, because it is not something that our minds can just do. II) William of Ockham 1285-1359 a. Ockham’s razor – the tendency of Ockham to strip away all of our ideas and start with what we know – the facts. b. Strongly emphasized God’s free will as well as Scotus This is why I think that a motherly image of God is beneficial: ~ mothers are more forgiving for our sins ~ mothers are the ones who carry us when we are at out lowest and since our image of God already allows for this belief, that he carries us when we are down, it supports a motherly image of God....
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March1st - may be c God saved humanity through Jesus Christ...

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