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Bonus Question Answer Culture is shared views which could form the way an entire country chooses to act or  dress and could even influence religion. An example of a culture would be North  America.  A subculture is a smaller form a culture – culture within a culture, if you will.  An  example of a subculture would be the typical “southerner,” generally a more conservative  and traditional group.  When you say you are from certain states such as South Carolina,  Alabama, Texas, or Georgia, among a few others, people will automatically assume that  you are a republican, or a conservative, that you are a “bible thumper,” and that you are  traditional.  Even in the southern culture, however, there are subcultures; southern belles, 
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Unformatted text preview: old southern money families, cowboys, and southern Baptists. Even if someone fits into the southern subculture, they are first and foremost an American. I am a typical southerner, but I’m also a student, so my subculture is more varied. In college, it is typical to be more liberal and open as you are forming your opinions about the world, I am open, but I still maintain some of the old southern, conservative values and thoughts. Students share many of the same behaviors and society lumps all students together, thus creating said subculture....
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