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2-27classnotes - based on certain criteria and the child...

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Sexuality Biology v Culture Bonobo chimpanzees are the only other animals that have sex face to face like humans do. Their sexual behavior is the most like ours when you compare humans to animals. We all generally consider there to only be 2 sexes. There are actually more than that when you consider hermaphrodites – not a common term anymore, we call them intersexuals. When a child is born like that in our culture the parents typically pick a sex
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Unformatted text preview: based on certain criteria and the child will have corrective surgery. In some other cultures, like the Navajo, intersexuals are actually treated like they are royalty. Sexual taboos: incest, rape, molestation, etc. Kinzie. Homosexual behavior is different from actually being a homosexual. The idea of someone actually being oriented to like someone else of the same sex, didn’t come about until the 40s or 50s....
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