psychnotes1-22 - Pathway where we recall memory Senility,...

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Psychology 1304 Notes 1/22/08 Sensory Cell body, soma, nucleus Dendrites – receptors – (affrau tala information) Helox – area where axon joins dendrite Axon – tail, longs fluid filled tubes carry messages Myelin sheat – coats axons – fatty Covering – starts covering after birth. Multiple sclerosis – deterioration of myelin sheath Nodes of raunin Terminal vesicle – pouch that holds chemical neurotransmitters – chemicals that cause the neuron to do things Resting state – inside soma (cell body) negative charge Action potential – reaches 70 microns – causes chemical to shoot, how nucleus works Synaptic space. Agonist – causes something to happen Angonist – inhibit activity Refractory period – time they cannot perform Soma cannot do anything. I chemical not used it is destroyed. Called reuptake. Cocaine, crystal meth, speed, etc. destroys receptor side ( All or none Neurotransmitters: Acetylcholine – cerebral cortex (works here) Hippocampus – area where memory is stored
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Unformatted text preview: Pathway where we recall memory Senility, alzheimers < reduce Schopalamine blocks channels to brain, cant feel pain Inhibitor blocks memory Marijuana reduces acetylcholine Dopamine: inhibits movement in hypothalamus Too much can inhibit or destroy thought process. Makes you feel warm and cuddly Also causes us to be addicted to drugs Serotonin mood stabilization. Sheep. Makes you feel warm and cuddly. Exstacy increases serotonin Too little serotonin causes depression Too much will burn receptors Norephinephrine mood stabilizer Drud use produce when aroused (adrenaline) Produced by adrenal Sympathetic nervous system Causes digestion to slow down, relaxes bladder Prepares you for flight or fight. Brocias area right side, speech Plasticity brains ability to change function and structure Functional plasticity brains ability to shift functions from damaged to undamaged brain areas....
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psychnotes1-22 - Pathway where we recall memory Senility,...

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