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TEST Need to know: Chapter 1 who developed the first psychology lab Freud Ivan Pavlov Watson Ahraham maslow Humanist perspective Research methods – case study Need to know the 3 elements of a good test Validity Standardized Reliable Scientific method Chapter 2 – his friend Basic unit of the nervous system – neuron – either receive or transmit info. Pg 46 has diagram of a neuron, be able to diagram it and know the components Seminole vescicles or terminal buttons Synapse Synaptic gap Synaptic vesicles Neurotransmitters – chemicals that transfer a message from one neuron to another PAGE 52: know that table! Know what happens when those neurotransmitters aren’t there The nervous system – the brain and the spinal chord are the central nervous
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Unformatted text preview: system, the rest of the nerves in our body are the peripheral nervous system (somatic and autonomic) The endocrine system – made up of ductless glands, dump their chemical straight into the bloodstream PAGE 60 THE BRAIN – should know that inside and out, has no receptors for pain, two parts of brain, women have a better ability to multitask because our brain has more connections between the right and left brain much more quickly, womens brains work more efficiently. Reticular formation, need to know this. PAGE 69 – THE DIAGRAM IS A LOT OF THE BONUS ANSWERS Do not need a scantron....
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